Using remote servers to hold and deliver information is nothing new. Cloud computing lowers capital expenditure and eliminates the need for resources dedicated to maintaining these business critical systems, but it also brings with it inherent risk.

For most businesses risk can be mitigated by an effective failover system and a robust disaster recovery plan, but with highly regulated industries like the pharmaceutical sector there is much more to consider. To ensure patient safety, elements like a Quality Management System (QMS) for the service provider, qualification records and controls around operation change control and incident management all become essential and so cloud systems serving these industries need to be built and maintained with those specific needs in mind.

The GXPi Cloud is just such a system. Fully validated and maintained by life sciences experts, with the GXPi Cloud you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. 

Dedicated Managed Hosting (Co-location) EDQMS Platform as a Service EDQMS Software as a Service
Dedicated Physical GxP environment in a multi-tenant datacentre
(Private Hosting)
Dedicated virtual GxP environment on multi-tenant physical servers
(Private Cloud)
Multi-tenant GxP application software
(Public Cloud)
We manage your own Virtual and Real Servers and applications We manage your virtual server environments with others We manage your application environment with others
Lightly and Fully Configured GECP and Products and other Applications Lightly and Fully Configured GECP and Products Standard out-of-the-box GECP and Products
Large Mid-sized Small
(200-2000+ users) (50-500 users) (5-150 users)


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