The Compliance Journey

GXPi recognises that there are two main elements to the compliance journey. Companies need to ‘Get Compliant’ and then ‘Stay Compliant’. What this means for you depends upon your regulatory framework and where you are climbing.

Assess - Which Mountain?

If you are standing in the compliance foothills it’s critical to decide which mountain you are aiming at and what the effort will be to climb it. Is the mountain in the US or Europe or elsewhere? Which of the current GxP’s will apply?

Analyse - Which Route?

Plotting the best path to compliance isn’t always straightforward. You have to match your skills and strengths to the challenges ahead, and make provisions for any gaps that could hinder your way to the summit. You need to understand the total cost of the climb and the risks of the route taken.

Design - Getting Equipped

Which? Who? What? When? Once the ‘Mountain’ and ‘Route’ have been established and agreed, thoughts must turn to which resources you’ll need to get you there, who is going to do what activity and what are the realistic timescales and priorities.

Delivery - The Climb

If you have completed the previous stages, you’re now ready for the final assault on your peak of compliance. This is a case of putting all of your careful planning and provision making into practice and measuring your progress.

Mountain Rescue

Sometimes you are stuck, have made a wrong turn, environmental conditions change or you are caught in an avalanche. You need to call the emergency services to get you back on track. That’s the time to call in the Compliance Remediation team at GXPi.

The Onward Journey

You have climbed the summit, and have achieved your business objectives, BUT compliance doesn’t end there. GXPi can provide further Services to ensure you stay compliant and to take on new compliance peaks to meet your changing business needs.

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